All-Star Cheer Teams

All-Star Cheer Teams

ICE teams consistently finish at the top in local and national competitions and our Level 5 Worlds teams place in the illustrious Top Ten at the USASF Cheerleading World Championships year after year. ICE has made appearances on/in Cheerleader Magazine, ESPN, Good Morning America, Fox Sports, The Cheer Leader Magazine, and numerous local newspapers, radio, and television stations.

We don’t expect you to join our teams with all the skills you need, we want to help you gain those skills; we can provide the most advanced training for you. There is a team for every skill level. Whether you’re just learning a back handspring, a back tuck, or a full- or whether you’re working to be a Jr. High Cheerleader, a High School Cheerleader, or even to go on to College Cheerleading- ICE All-Stars is the place for YOU.

Register for Tryouts

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Call: (636) 536-2800


Tryout Criteria

There are 6 levels (for regular teams) this season. The “level” refers to the type of stunts, pyramids, and tumbling that a team can safely perform. They are numbered from 1 to 6, in increasing difficulty. The level is determined solely by the coaching staff.

The try out process is very casual and fun. The athletes demonstrate Jumps, Tumbling Skills, and possible Stunting. They also meet the staff and new friendships are formed. We evaluate the athletes in groups and encourage each person to do their best. Everyone is placed on a team no matter what. After tryouts, the staff will pick teams based on their discretion. Many key elements factor into the decision. Keep in mind ALL ICE teams are built to compete at a high level.


Team Age Guidelines

Age as of August 31, 2015
  • Tiny / 6 years and under
  • Mini / 8 years and under
  • Youth / 11 years and under
  • Junior / 14 years and under
  • Senior Level 1-4 / 10-18 years old
  • Senior Level 5 / 12-18 years old


All-star teams attend 2-2 hour practices during the summer and 2-3 hour practices during the school year. There may be additional practices added prior to events that will be communicated to parents in advance. Additional tumbling classes can be added during the week/weekend to perfect tumbling skills. 


All All-Star teams will travel. Some teams may attend more or less competitions depending on the level and type of team your athlete is placed. Competitions are a mixture of one or two day events with some being local as well as some requiring an overnight stay. All teams will attend at least 1 farther away competition that would require a longer drive/flight. If a team receives a bid to The Cheerleading Worlds Championship, The Summit, or another end of the season Event, the team will have the choice which event they would like to attend. All travel expenses and hotel accommodations are in addition to the monthly payment and are the responsibility of the athlete’s family.


Competition season begins in October and runs through April. End of year events, such as The Cheerleading Worlds Championships, The Summit, and US Finals are held in April, and early May, and we may have teams competing at these events.



There is an all-inclusive monthly payment that runs from June through April. This fee includes monthly tuition, coaches fees, choreography, music, and competition fees.

Uniforms are NOT included in the monthly payment. Warm-ups, backpacks, makeup and spirit wear are also not included in the monthly fee.

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